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Birth and Women's Health Center a Place for Complete Women's Care

We are a women's health clinic offering safe, gentle gynecological care for women of all ages. As the only freestanding birth center in Southern Arizona, we specialize in natural childbirth, but also support women in all of the pain relief options available to them. We offer one-on-one, specialized care by our professional nurse-midwives, in a warm, safe, and secure environment. From water births to annual exams and from prenatal education to birth control, experience the personal and attentive care of midwives.

New Study Shows Midwife-Led Birth Centers Improve Outcomes and Lower Health Care Costs


WELCOME to our 10,000th babies!! TWO babies decided to come simultaneously on Sunday, May 5, as we awaited our 10,000th birth in the 30+ years of birth center care here in Tucson. Welcome baby girl Reagan, born at the birth center with Fran Wertman, CNM and welcome baby boy Gunnar, who was born at TMC with Cece Dirks in attendance!

Birth Center Outcomes study published in January 2013 in Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health shows that birth center care is SAFE and COST-EFFECTIVE!

Loft Cinema is having a special Mother's Day screening of Birth Story, a documentary film about Ina May Gaskin and the Farm.

We are a clinic of El Rio Community Health Center offering three locations to serve your Women's Health needs:
EL RIO Congress Midwives
EL RIO Ob/Gyn Associates
El RIO Birth & Women's Health Center

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