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Meet the Midwives

Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) are registered nurses with advanced education, training, and national certification in maternity and women's health care. CNMs care independently for healthy women and consult with physicians if there is a problem that puts them at risk. In addition, they work with other nurses, pediatricians, and physician specialists when needed, and can make referrals to social workers and other professionals.

Midwives Group

Judy Butler, CNM, MSN, Stony Brook University (SUNY), 1998. Judy has attended over 1000 births in her 11 years as a CNM and has been in maternal/child health for 20 years.  She has taught OB/GYN to RNs, Midwives, Nurse Practitioners and Medical Students.  She has been a neo-natal resuscitation instructor for 16 years.  “I came to Tucson to be a part of an amazing birth center and to provide an opportunity for women and their families to reclaim birth as a family and wellness centered event.”

 Judy Butler

Fran Wertman Fran Wertman, CNM, MN, IBCLC, Memorial University, 1986; Stonybrook University, 2003. Fran has been working with new and changing families for 24 years, the last 9 as a perinatal clinical nurse specialist. She is a certified lactation consultant. Fran has taught diploma and baccalaureate level nursing students and has also taught emergency birth to EMTs. She joined the Birth Center as a CNM in 2004.  

Cecelia “Cece” Dirks, CNM, MSN, MPH Emory University 1997.   Cece has spent her adult career caring for women and their infants. She attended U of A and worked as a labor and delivery nurse at TMC for 5 years. Prior to joining the El Rio she had been running her own practice in Washington state caring for woman.  She chose to leave her very busy practice and demanding schedule to have more time to raise her children.


Cece Dirks  
Sam Cook Susan "Sam" Cook, CNM, MSN, Case Western Reserve University, 1996. Sam has been a practicing CNM for 13 years. Here at the Birth Center, she heads up our GYN program, providing annual exams, cancer screening and other important women's health services. "At each visit, I endeavor to listen carefully with all of my heart to what each woman is saying, literally and figuratively, as I try to figure out what she needs physically and emotionally."  


Sandra Macon, CNM, MSN: Virginia Commonwealth University, 1998; Frontier School of Midwifery, 2009. Sandy recently moved her family to Tucson from Charlottesville, VA.  She has been working with expecting families for 12 years in all capacities from a home birth practice to a tertiary care high-risk hospital. She says, “ I have learned that no matter the birth site or outcome its all about the relationships along the way”.  She is looking forward to being a part of the Birth Center and working with all of our wonderful families.

Sandy Macon  
Kerry Griffin



Kerry Griffin, CNM, MSN: University of Arizona, 1999; Frontier School of Midwifery, 2008.  Kerry began attending births after a wonderful experience giving birth to her own son more than 16 years ago at the Birth Center.  She started as an assistant midwife, attending primarily homebirths until 2000.  She was an RN at TMC’s Labor and Delivery Unit until she came to the Birth Center as a CNM. Before Kerry became involved with birth, she spent lots of time in another sort of nursery; she started a wholesale plant business and spent 10 years growing flowers.



Susan Yount, PhD, CNM, MSN: University of Texas, 1999; University of Arizona, 2006.  Susan currently resides in Phoenix but works at the Birth Center several times a month because she enjoys the chance to practice midwifery in the birthing center environment.  In the field of women’s health  for over 10 years, she has worked both in clinical settings and in research/education.  Susan completed her PhD in Nursing Research, Focus on Vulnerable Populations, at the University of Arizona. The Birth Center is privileged to have such a wealth of knowledge and experience available to us.

Susan Yount  
Maya Z. Adams

Maya Z. Adams CNM, MSN: University of Arizona, 2002; University of Colorado, 2010; . Maya has recently been drawn back to Tucson, and the Birth Center, where she gave birth to her eldest child.  Prior to achieving her Masters in Nurse-Midwifery, she worked for eight years as both a Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Nurse in the hospital setting.   Her passions are her family and her work with women. She is thrilled to be part of the Birth Center keeping with her philosophy of the midwifery model, providing choices for women in their care.  When not working she enjoys her time with her husband and two young children and spending as much time in the outdoors as possible.